B2B Sales & Assortment Planning Software

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Digital sell-in & order writing

aWorkbook provides a detailed product showcase combined with powerful filtering options to support category management and directed selling initiatives. It guides wholesale customers through the buying cycle with the creation and sharing of tailored product assortments. Orders can be created in Excel and PDF for manual or automatic processing by backend systems.

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Why aWorkbook?

Digital catalogue creation at its simplest and best

Benefit from quicker merchandising, more focused assortments, increased sales effectiveness and customisable order submission. With clients including Helly Hansen, Timberland, Reima, Sweet Protection and Wacoal Eveden we have vast insight and expertise in catalogue software for the B2B and retail market.

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aWorkbook Multi-platform App

Multi-platform, multi-talented

Are your users on different platforms? no, problem – the aWorkbook catalogue app works on PC, Mac, Android and iOS. Work from the office or out on the road and sync your assortments and orders over the cloud. The aWorkbook sales app is intuitive, effective and easy to integrate into your current order processing workflow and IT systems.

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Simple Merchandising

Simple range merchandising

Create and share tailored assortments using powerful filtering and whiteboard options. Export detailed PDF and Excel line sheets for assortments and orders.

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Cut Print Costs

Cut costs and keep up to date

Connected mobile sales software means you can provide up-to-the-minute information to all of your team. Keep your costs and global footprint to a minimum by removing the need to print catalogues and linesheets that go out of date fast.

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The aWorkbook App

The aWorkbook App

aWorkbook is a multi-platform sales app allowing you to provide up-to-date and accurate product information to sales teams and retail buyers. It is a fully featured sales and assortment planning software which installs on iPad and Android tablets, and PC/Mac Computers. Create and save tailored assortments for customers, with printable PDF and Excel output options. Link seasonal collection and brand stories directly to relevant products. Write orders accurately for integration with backend systems. Increase sales effectiveness today.

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Data Services

Our aim is to simplify the process of organising content and creating seasonal product catalogues. To do this our data team provide a managed service where we get to know you, understand what you need and what’s important to you. Then you send us product information and imagery for the new season in any format. We organise the content and build the catalogue with your feedback before distribution using the Cloud – so it’s available immediately, anywhere and anytime. And when the content changes we update it for you so information is always accurate.

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What our clients say…

We believe that aWorkbook will be really engaging for our business and allow us to better support our customers. It will also mean we can be more conscious of the environment and improve our footprint.
Ann-Marie Manley, Wacoal Eveden
We dealt with Hark Solutions using Skype and email. We’ve never met face to face. We’ve worked in multiple time zones and Hark has been one of the best vendors we’ve ever worked with. They’ve been brilliant.
Icebreaker, New Zealand
I found them very open and forward thinking and they were always welcome to give us a helping hand. They were really into making it work for me.
O'Neill, Amsterdam