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Our customers say we are the best vendor they have worked with for our commitment to data quality and overall project success.

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We offer the most flexible customising options for product catalogues, presentations, assortment planning and order taking.

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Our price per catalogue model means no individual user charges so you can share the aWorkbook with more people at no extra cost.

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Since launching the aWorkbook we’ve seen a significant improvement in the quality of customer meetings through personalised presentations, easy ordering processes and language options for our International business. Using aWorkbook has also significantly reduced the cost of printing and distributing, helping us reduce our carbon footprint and waste.
Rachel Williams, Berghaus
In the two years since we launched our Canterbury aWorkbook it has helped us to deliver much better service levels to our retail customers through a tailored approach to range presentation and more accurate and efficient order taking. Costs are down on catalogue production and distribution, plus the problem with end-of-season wastage has been greatly reduced.
Tom Cleary, Canterbury of New Zealand
As the specialist in trail running and with a history of innovation, we want to be at the forefront of digital selling. aWorkbook has transformed the way we go to market. It allows us to tailor our presentations, helping us in our customer goal to be an easy and reliable partner to do business with.
Michael Price, Inov 8

  #1 multi-platform app


Are your users on different platforms? No problem. The aWorkbook app works the same on PC, Mac, Android and iOS. An aWorkbook catalogue once installed is always available offline and does not need a web browser or internet connection. Work from the office or out on the road and sync your assortments and orders over the cloud.

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