Customise This Screen

This is a “pop-up” web page window designed to allow integration using information from your other systems e.g. stock positions and customer accounts. The page can be designed to look how you want and contain everything that a normal web page does e.g. forms, tables, images etc.”]

To report on Stock levels for ATS/ASAP count and fill (orders from stock).

You can configure a response from your server to provide information on stock levels, minimum order values etc. Using basic web scripting techniques or via fully integrated database solutions.


To offer up account information

You can offer back to the sales rep the customer accounts associated with their rep ID, or the ship to information. Similarly you can send back the order entry codes for products so reps can complete entry in to an order online B2B order processing system, such as PlumRiver, iVendix, Navision etc.


As an entry point for existing online systems

This window can provide an entry point to your existing order processing system, so the order information from aWorkbook can be passed on for further work, finalisation and fulfilment. For example, you can provide a link to your online system using web browser software.