Wacoal Eveden embracing digital catalogues for SS15

  Most of us are a bit apprehensive when we mention the word digital, but it doesn't have to be an afterthought. Digital catalogues can be a very useful sales [...]

Digital Mega Trends

Digital Mega Trends The digital revolution is one of the great mega trends, and will shape the world in the 21st century. In a recent PWC annual CEO [...]

OpenSSL Heartbleed Fix

The OpenSSL Heartbleed security bug has been all over the internet recently spreading panic to service providers as they rush to apply a fix. This recent bug has got it's name [...]

Ducati Using Tablet Sales Software to Race Ahead

Ducati is a brand we all know and often regard as one of the best motorcycle producers in the business. Consistently producing top-end machines and technology, maintaining in-house communications and [...]

Dynamite Tablets in a Quantum World 50 Years On

Dynamite Tablets in a Quantum World 50 Years On Dear web visitors – humans, bots and spiders, Sweden is on our mind because we are just back from the first [...]

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