Digital Development Accelerates Lafuma’s Growth

Millet Mountain Group Growth Accelerated by Digital Development 22% Increase in Turnover aWorkbook advocate Millet Mountain Group saw a significant rise in international sales during the first [...]

Future Digital Showroom

The Digital Showroom: A Look at the Past, Present and Future The B2B buying experience is changing fast. As digital natives move into prominent positions in the [...]

ISPO Digitize 2018

Report: ISPO Digitize Summit 2018  Digital Readiness Survey Highlights Analogue Mismanagement At the first ISPO Digitize Summit held in Munich 28/29 June 2018 everyone really was talking [...]

No-line Commerce

No-line Commerce and Digital Retail We recently read an article published by ISPO about No-line commerce and thought it would be useful to share in case you missed [...]

What Is Digital Transformation?

What is digital transformation, and what should you be doing about it? Digital transformation Digital transformation is on the radar of many businesses across many industries. [...]

5 Ways To Increase Sales Effectiveness With Digital

Increase Sales Effectiveness with a Digital Sales Tool 5 Ways To Increase Sales Effectiveness It’s no secret that the B2B buying process is increasing in complexity. Reps [...]

B2B Selling: 5 barriers to order placement you can solve with digital

B2B Selling: 5 ways digital can be used to ensure you're translating the full value of your product or service Overcome these 5 B2B selling pain [...]

Product Catalogue Management with aWorkbook

Product Catalogue Management with aWorkbook Manage your product catalogue and take orders using our aWorkbook catalogue management software. Create a catalogue using our digital catalogue software and [...]

Amer Sports choose aWorkbook for digital sell-in tool

Amer Sports choose aWorkbook for digital sell-in tool Amer Sports customer service is getting a boost in 2016 with the roll out of the industry leading aWorkbook digital [...]

Digital Mega Trends

Digital Mega Trends The digital revolution is one of the great mega trends, and will shape the world in the 21st century. In a recent PWC annual CEO [...]

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