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Cut Print Catalogue & Distribution Costs

There’s no denying that catalogues are an essential element in the sales process. Many brands in the outdoor industry still use printed catalogues as the primary sales tool for reps and as a leave behind for retailers. However, two of the most common complaints about printed catalogues are that they’re expensive to produce and expensive to distribute.

The average print and distribution spend per season for many businesses can be £10’s of thousands. This is especially true of businesses with multiple brands or product categories. The result is the production of multiple printed catalogues for every season and a complex, lengthy distribution process to reps, agents and distributors. For an outdoor brand this isn’t ideal for eco-credentials, let alone the marketing budget.

One reason many brands go from print to digital is to cut the print and distribution costs. In some cases where brands go fully digital the costs can be cut completely. It’s true that there is no substitute for holding a printed catalogue, the weight, finish and design are all important elements. But look beyond that and you’ll see the value that a digital alternative offers.

Looking specifically at print and distribution costs, should you choose to eliminate print completely then these costs will no longer exist. A digital catalogue app like aWorkbook is installed on a mobile device or desktop PC and the e-catalogue is distributed electronically for free. All you need to purchase is a software licence which in the case of aWorkbook, is not on a per user basis but on a catalogue basis making it very cost effective even for large sales teams.

“Using aWorkbook has significantly reduced the cost of printing and distributing, helping us reduce our carbon footprint and waste.” Rachel Williams, Berghaus

If saving thousands on your printed catalogue costs isn’t enough then it’s worth noting the additional value you get when investing in a digital solution. Print catalogues don’t offer any kind of interactivity or addition function whereas aWorkbook lets reps create assortments, submit orders and share presentations as well as many other features. Even if you choose to run print alongside digital the ROI can be realised extremely quickly.

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