Data Transformation

Innovate your product data management with Hark Data Services

Your challenges

  • The need to publish accurate and up-to-date information to make a sale
  • High volumes of data across multiple seasons & regional variations
  • A reactive approach where you don’t know it’s wrong until someone tells you
  • Fragmented data ownership means silos and no leadership or control

The Hark Solution

  • Eliminate errors and mistakes
  • Make information consistent
  • Improve customer experience
  • Maximise sales growth

We provide the people and the know-how; between us we work out the best process for you, and by combining your systems with our aWorkbook and aHub software we can solve the challenges and get the results.

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Hark Data Services, trusted every season by: 

“Thanks for your help in getting live last week with our aWorkbook for AW18. This tool helps our teams so much & we’ve received fantastic feedback regarding how easy the tool is to use. Couldn’t do it without you!”
Jordan Paquet, Marketing Co-Ordinator
“Speedo has been working with Hark Solutions now for two years and it has been a great journey. Their availability, support and flexibility has really been key to a great professional relationship“
Sabine Chassagne, Marketing Assistant
“I had a look and it looks great – I can’t believe you managed to do all our changes in such a short time! Thank you so much, I’m sending you a big virtual hug!”
Noora Salonoja, Digital Project Manager

Innovate your product data management with Hark Data Services

Hark Data Services provides a tailored and managed service that allows you to outsource the preparation of product data and the organisation and processing of images and assets related to brand marketing. We are expert in providing services and software to meet the challenge you have with product information, digital assets and data management.

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