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Export Assortments to PDF/Excel in 1 Click

You’ve had a great week full of meetings and each of your customers has chosen a large number of items they’d like in their assortment. It comes to the end of the week and you need to send your customers their product selections. This requires a lot of manual admin work and usually takes a whole day if not longer.

aWorkbook is a sales tool that you use from start to finish in the sales process and because of that it helps to dramatically reduce the amount of admin work that you need to do. You can take and submit orders directly to an ERP or order processing system and generate assortments in seconds to PDF and Excel format.

If you’re using aWorkbook when you’re with the customer you can add products from the e-catalogue to the assortment as you go along. At the end of the meeting you can review the assortment to check the balance using the charts in the assortment section. Once you and the customer are happy with the selection simply hit the export to PDF or excel button and in seconds you’ll have a perfectly formatted document that you can email to your customer there and then.

Our customer Skogstad recently used this feature in their buying meeting for S/S 19 and gave us this feedback.

“Today I had a meeting with a buying team to present the SS19 collection. At the end of the meeting I was able to give them an excel file with the products they have chosen, pictures and a PDF file. This usually would take me 2 hours or so. It took me 1 minute.” Mike Emery, Skogstad

The buyers in the meetings also remarked:

“I’m really impressed by your new computer tools. I got all the pictures and information on e-mail even before I had left your building. Remarkable. Must be great for everyone at Skogstad to work this way!”

Can your print catalogue do that?

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