Achieve Digital Clarity at ISPO 2019

Regardless of project type, be it ERP, B2B e-commerce or PIM, three key elements are always present:

  • Time – How much time will the project take? Is it taking too much time?
  • Money – How much will it cost? Are we on budget?
  • Value – What value will it add for our customers? What’s the ROI?

Deciphering Digital is the Reason Hark Exists

For over 14 years Hark has been building reliable software and providing world class data services and support during and beyond implementation. We don’t believe in stressful and expensive digital projects so we simply don’t do it that way!

The Route to Digital Success

Understanding where you are now in relation to where you want to be is a vital first step in any stress free, on- budget project delivery.

Booking a 45 minute meeting with us at ISPO gives you an opportunity to gain insight from a leading UK software vendor on the key success factors of a digital go-to-market project and to get answers to questions other vendors may have missed.

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