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Minimise Catalogue Creation & Production Time

Whether you design and create your catalogue in house or use an external agency the process is lengthy and is probably a cost that you could do without. Gathering product resources takes time and deciding on layout, proofing and rushing to add products in last minute are a drain on resources which could be used better elsewhere. All-in-all it’s not the most time or cost-effective process on the list.

Even when the catalogue has been finished the wait continues as it needs to be print proofed, printed and shipped to you. Then the task of distributing to reps and retailers begins. The whole process is usually stressful due to strict time constraints and generally takes a long time to complete from start to finish. The majority of this process can be skipped by using aWorkbook, freeing the team up to meet deadlines on other important projects.

Using the aWorkbook catalogue creator software, excel line lists can be transformed into a digital catalogue in a matter of hours, not weeks or months. Of course, the product information still needs to be collected but once it’s ready a digital catalogue along with a print ready version if necessary can be produced by one person in a day.

Better yet, with no print deadlines last minute additions or changes can be added to your line list and uploaded to the catalogue after it’s gone live, appearing instantly in the digital catalogue. Creating a catalogue in this way takes the stress out of print catalogue creation and frees up valuable resources that can be used completing other important projects. It also ensures that your product ranges and product information are accurate and up to date through-out the season at the touch of a button.

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