Mobile Catalog App Scenarios: Why it’s more than just a digital version of your catalogue

Printed catalogues aren’t cost effective to produce and once printed, become out of date almost instantly. You may think then that a digital upgrade to a simple e-catalogue is the solution. It’s not. A basic page turner isn’t going to meet the needs of you or your customers and has no real functionality other than well, turning pages.


Why a mobile catalog app delivers greater value

If you have reps on the road or distributors, then a mobile catalog app is a valuable tool for maximising opportunities in your wholesale channel. An app like aWorkbook will showcase your products and allow reps to take and submit orders. What’s more, it can up-dated at any point, so product information is accurate throughout the season. No more errors in the catalogue.

But that’s just scratching the surface. We’ve chosen 6 common scenarios based on feedback from our clients that highlight where the added functionality of a mobile catalog app adds value for them. Here’s Sales Rep Sam to take you through each one.


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Meeting customers

I am meeting a customer and want to present the key products for this season. Prior to the meeting, I use the Assortment feature in the aWorkbook mobile catalog app to filter and select styles from across the entire range of products. I add them to the assortment, save it, and email a PDF of my product selection including images to my customer ahead of the meeting.

On arrival at the meeting, I see there is a catalogue update available. I am online, so I download the update to get the most up-to-date product and stock information. Being able to update aWorkbook at any time gives me confidence. The print catalogues were out of date instantly and always had errors. aWorkbook is always up to date.

At the meeting, we review the products on screen, including sizing. It’s great to be able to show different images, some in 3D, of the same product. aWorkbook gives me easy access to seasonal marketing materials so I can tell the story of the brand. My customer wants to add more styles to the assortment I prepared earlier. No problem, I simply open the saved assortment and add in the extra styles. Now I can email them an Excel file with pricing. This would usually take me at least an hour to do manually. With aWorkbook it’s done in under 5 minutes.


Tailoring assortments

There are some independent customers I no longer visit. Using the Assortment feature, I build tailored selections for each customer that I merge with template assortments containing core and carryover products. I email PDFs out to my customers to cut down on printing and distribution costs. If they want to know more, I give customers access to an aWorkbook digital catalogue.



Visiting the showroom

My customer is coming to the showroom today. I connect my laptop to the display screen and gather together the available samples. I know I can show alternative colours on screen if needed. My customer sells men’s products only, so I edit the assortment template to filter out all women’s styles.

During the visit I show the customer a ready-made presentation about the range in aWorkbook and show a video explaining the unique selling points for a new style. I add products to the assortment as we go through the presentation using the product links.

If the customer wants to see all products with specific attributes, for example ‘red pattern shirts’, I can use the powerful search to find all matching products. A quick check of the assortment metrics reassures my customer they have chosen a good balance between new styles and popular carryover products. It’s a good opportunity to suggest new products they may be interested in if the balance isn’t quite right.

After building the assortment I capture order quantities in aWorkbook and submit the order directly to our ERP system. I generate a PDF which contains all the product information and an order summary for the customer.


Visiting trade shows

I know the stand will be busy during the trade show, so I need a versatile tool that works in different situations. aWorkbook is on a touchscreen on our stand so visitors can browse the full range when I am tied up with another customer. During my meetings, I use aWorkbook on my laptop to show the tailored buy I have prepared for each customer. I add customer comments on the products as we go along in the notes section on the product page.

When it’s time for the next meeting, I create a new session on the aWorkbook and switch pricelists. this time I will start the conversation using a presentation that I have already personalised with my own edits and saved. aWorkbook works offline and all my assortments and orders are saved and can be sent later.



Capturing orders

I use aWorkbook to capture repeat orders and export them automatically. I can review a saved order, create a copy and adjust quantities to suit my customer. I sell with confidence, knowing the order will be fulfilled as I can check the latest stock positions. Before placing the order, I can review the order metrics to check the order value. Placing the order through the app saves time and avoids errors.



I can collaborate with colleagues by emailing assortments that are selling well across key accounts to maximise sales. I email them the file which they add into their aWorkbook. My colleagues can copy, edit and save the assortment I have sent.

aWorkbook allows me to collaborate with customers too by sharing orders via the cloud. They can review the order and place it themselves through their aWorkbook. If they want to create their own order for me to review, they can do that too before placing it.


In summary

So you see a digital upgrade is more than just converting a print catalogue to digital, it’s about supporting what you do now with better tools and also exploring what new things you can do with digital.

Above all its about improving and supporting the B2B transactions that are vital to your business at all stages of pre-season sales, in-season and sell through. And the good thing about aWorkbook is that it will support your business at all of these key sales points.


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