Personalise Your Data with Custom Catalogues

Being able to present to your customers with a catalogue tailored to their language, range availability and pricing level is near impossible to achieve with print. It can also be difficult to find a digital solution that offers this unique level of personalisation. That’s why we’re so proud of the new aWorkbook version 6.7.1, which now offers extensive options to provide custom catalogue views for all your important groups of users and customers.


What are custom catalogue views?

Typically, your main catalogue will contain the full product range, pricing information and product specifications. The advantage gained from using custom catalogue views is that you can create a workbook which only shows specific elements such as localised pricing and product range.

As well as being able to create what is essentially a ‘mini-catalogue’ containing only the most relevant and up to date information, the tabs at the top of the navigation can also be amended to streamline functionality. In practice, a catalogue view gives you the option to switch on or off the ordering and presentation sections, ensuring that each view is tailored to each users needs.

Controlling the distribution of your aWorkbook catalogues

Creating distribution groups allows you to control which catalogue views your users can see and access. Thanks to our innovative new aHub distribution system, users can log in to their individual profiles and join one or more distribution groups. Once part of a group, users have access to all of the catalogue views that have been allocated to the distribution group.

Using this method to distribute your aWorkbook catalogues not only saves you money on delivery and printing costs, it dramatically reduces the time it takes for your reps and customers to get access to your tailored product offering and up to date information.

What else is new with aWorkbook 6.7.1?

Our aHub enabled aWorkbook with custom catalogue views is providing our customers with ever greater ways of interacting with their customers, and providing a great user experience to match. That’s why along with custom catalogue views, we’ve increased the features aWorkbook has to offer. Some of the new features in version 6.7.1 include:

  • Option to remove tables from product information PDF
  • Out of stock items can now be removed automatically – perfect for available to sell or clearance catalogues
  • Both RRP and WHS pricing can now be displayed for each Catalogue View –  even if a catalogue doesn’t include Ordering
  • More filter options to offer greater customisation of catalogue content for each view.  Presentations, template assortments and assortment filters can all be tailored for each Catalogue View.


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