Printed Workbooks are Dead!

If you’re not segmenting your product offer for different customers, then you’re not selling effectively.

B2B buyers are demanding more from suppliers and want a product catalogue that fits the profile of their store and the customer base they cater for. To achieve this level of personalisation with a printed catalogue is simply not possible due to the costs, work load and lead times involved.

To overcome this, many businesses are digitizing their printed workbooks as it allows them to segment their product offer for different retailers, markets and countries. Our eBook looks at the changes in the B2B sales landscape that are driving this digitization, and identifies 5 ways to stay relevant in a digital world.

What you’ll learn:

  • What’s new in the B2B sales landscape?
  • How to use digital to exceed the expectations of your most important customers
  • Why a digital catalogue will give you a competitive advantage
  • The key benefits of digitizing your catalogues or workbooks 

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