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Reduce Samples by Using 3D & 360° Imagery

If your sales team heavily rely on samples then you will know the frustrations it can cause. A common problem occurs when samples are delayed from the manufacturer which slows down the whole go-to-market process. You either need to wait for them to arrive or try and sell without them. Neither is ideal.

From a marketing perspective the cost of sample production can be a point of contention too. Production, shipping and distribution to reps and showrooms are all strains on the budget. And when reps do receive samples they need to carry them around to every meeting. By the end of the sell in period those expensive samples are a little worse for wear.

The alternative lies in the use of 3D and 360° product imagery. If you create your imagery using software like Browzwear you can easily integrate it into your aWorkbook e-catalogue. If you still have a need for samples then your sales team can carry a swatch to give an indication of how the material feels. 3D and 360° imagery gives a great indication of look and fit and is used by companies like Adidas and ODLO.

This way of working also helps to minimise the disruption caused by delayed samples. Rather than waiting you can get to market straight away, in some cases before competitors helping to secure a higher spend from your customers. Any product changes can be updated on the imagery and uploaded to aWorkbook giving reps constant access to the latest product modifications.

“The most useful bit I find is the imagery available when its uploaded regularly, especially when samples aren’t available.” Mat Galvani, Helly Hansen UK

Although there is an initial investment to be made in the software, you’re likely to see a big reduction in your sample costs. Not only that, it’s great for your eco-credentials too as you’ll be reducing sample wastage and the carbon footprint left by producing and shipping samples.

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