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Sell Confidently Using Template Assortments

It doesn’t take surveys or focus groups for us to know that retailers are demanding more from brands. As a sales rep you’ll notice this with every visit to your customers and its vital to feed it back to marketing, so these changing needs can be catered for.

The feedback from our clients is that retailers want a personalised experience, in some cases similar to the B2C buying experience, where everything is personalised for them, or in this case their business. Is it really possible to keep up with this change in demand?

Typically, product mixes and assortments are chosen at the start of the season. Once printed in the catalogue they cannot be changed or updated. This makes it difficult for retailers to choose the best product because these selections aren’t tailored to their store or customer base.

This can be resolved if you print different catalogues for different markets and for different retailer types however this is expensive and requires a lot of additional work from the marketing team. Usually the effort involved outweighs the benefits of doing it, especially if it’s happening season after season. So, what’s the answer?

Using template assortments in aWorkbook means that sales or marketing can create assortments tailored for different retailer types quickly and easily. If sales rep Sam is visiting retailer profile A this week he can create an assortment that he thinks will suit these retailer types. Not only does this save Same time as he only has to create one assortment for multiple retailers, the retailers receive a personalised selection recommended by Sam for their type of store giving them the personalised buying experience many retailers are asking for.

“A sales person who identifies an assortment that they know works well for a dealer can share this with any user internally or externally to 2pure. This gives us an ability to work collaboratively in a way that speeds up the sales process and makes things way more efficient than ever before.” Mark Downie, 2pure

Template assortments can be used to take an agile approach to sales and marketing initiatives too. Creating template assortments like ‘Best Selling Products This Week’ or ‘Promotional Push Products’ means new initiatives can be rolled out as soon as the assortment is created. The templated assortment can be shared with reps instantly and coupled with the ability to give reps instant access to new marketing materials means your sales team is out there selling strategically within hours.

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