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Spend Less Time on Admin & More Time Selling

Time is money and as a sales rep you want to spend as much time on the road and in meetings with your customers as possible. The success of the company ultimately depends on it. We found though that typically reps spend 59% of their time doing tasks other than selling.

Common time-saps for that we hear include manual order writing and submission and dealing with admin like building and sending assortments to customers. Tasks like this lower productivity and can not only affect sales, it can affect moral and drive. Its not a case of doing less admin, its more about being smarter about the way admin is done.

One of the key ways aWorkbook helps you to spend more time selling is with the order taking and submission functionality. Directly from building an assortment, you can build the order using the order grid adding quantities and sizes. If needed, a stock position can be included in the order grid too.

From here quantities can be added quickly and easily individually, by column or by row. This can then be reviewed in the order section where price lists or discounts can be applied. Then, at the click of a button the order can be saved or submitted, and a copy of the order generated for the dealer to access instantly via email.

Submitting orders directly to an ERP or order processing system in this way is quicker and much more accurate which makes order fulfilment smoother as mistakes don’t need to be rectified back at the office, saving accounts and the warehouse time too.

“aWorkbook is so much more than a digital version of our catalogue because of the additional functions it has to create a personalised custom assortment for a customer. Our objective of planning retailer ranges more effectively, saving time on paperwork and admin has been more than achieved” Mark Downie, 2pure

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