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Easily Take & Submit Orders in aWorkbook

We’ve found that manual order writing is one of the biggest complaints reps have as it keeps you from doing what you do best, selling. It’s not just the time it takes to write orders manually, mistakes often occur during manual order writing making them one of the least accurate ways to place orders.

Orders that are submitted with errors hold up order fulfilment and use the resource of the customer service team trying to figure out what went wrong. Electronic submission means the order fulfilment process is much smoother. Our aWorkbook B2B sales app supports faster, more accurate order placement by letting reps submit orders directly to an ERP or order processing system. Once the order has been confirmed by the customer simply hit ‘send order’ and it will be submitted instantly. No manual admin to do, no order errors.

You can also choose to include live stock feeds in your aWorkbook so that you know exactly which products are available there and then and which need to be ordered separately.

“It makes it really easy for us in customer operations to process the order in a very short time.” Karin Seidel, Berghaus

Don’t want to submit your orders just yet? No problem, you can save an order to your aWorkbook to amend and submit later, even when you are offline. And, with our brand-new orders in the cloud functionality you can share orders with the rest of the sales team or collaborate on orders with your customers in the cloud. aWorkbook will even let your customers create their own orders and send them to you for approval. It’s just another way that aWorkbook supports B2B transactions.

“In the two years since we launched our Canterbury aWorkbook it has helped us to deliver much better service levels to our retail customers through a tailored approach to range presentation and more accurate and efficient order taking.” Tom Cleary, Canterbury of New Zealand

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