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Ditch Slide Decks for Template Presentations

Presenting product and range stories is an important part of any customer meeting. Keeping your branding, product imagery and tone consistent can be a challenge if you have reps, distributors and agents operating across the world.

What tends to happen is that marketing materials can’t be created or shared fast enough and home-made presentations sneak their way into the sales presentation. Shoddy product images and off brand presentations are not the way you want your brand to be represented.

Creating brand consistency is something that a lot of our clients tell us they used to struggle with. Disparate sales teams need managing so now they use aWorkbook to roll out brand materials and presentations to all users ensuring consistency of message and materials. Key seasonal messages intended to support the sales team can be shared and used confidently across the board.

“aWorkbook has transformed the way we go to market. It allows us to tailor our presentations, helping us in our customer goal to be an easy and reliable partner to do business with.” Michael Price, Inov 8

There still may be occasions where presentations need to be tailored for different dealers. Within the presentation section there are templates which can be edited to display certain marketing materials and products giving users the freedom to create bespoke presentations within the confines of the brand guidelines. Brand and marketing stories sit alongside products which makes adding them to the assortment easy and means you don’t need to navigate away from the presentation. Get a new digital perspective with an online demo.

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