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Update Product Info at any time in the Season

It’s not uncommon for product specifications or product ranges to change through-out the season. For those using printed catalogues this becomes a problem when changes are made after the catalogue and marketing materials have been designed and printed for the season. Reps end up literally with a catalogue of errors and dealers get frustrated that products they want to order are different or no longer available.

It’s probably fair to say that most in the industry are used to this because it’s been happening season after season. That doesn’t mean it should or that it needs to. Buyers are demanding more from brands so giving buyers the best possible buying experience is vital to securing repeat business and increasing spend with you over a competitor.

Being digital an aWorkbook digital catalogue can be updated an any time in the season so it is always correct. As product specs change and updates are made to the line lists these are reflected immediately in the latest version of the catalogue which reps can download in the app. Cleverly, to ensure this process is a quick as possible, aWorkbook only updates the catalogue with new information, it doesn’t download the full catalogue again. This means reps have access to the latest version of the catalogue in seconds whether they are on the road or in the office.

“It allows me to have a single location where all product information is stored, that will work happily online and off-line. As it can be updated remotely, it ensures the Sales Team is armed with the latest information when meeting customers”. Oliver Coxhead, Key Account Manager

Not only is it great for updating product ranges, pictures and videos, marketing materials can also be uploaded to an aWorkbook catalogue as soon as it’s ready giving reps’ access to the latest materials to support the sale. Looking to push that pair of hiking boots this week? Create a new piece of marketing collateral, upload it to your aWorkbook and reps have instant access ready for use in their sales meetings. Combine this with template product assortments and it’s agile marketing at its best.

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